We render legal services in the following areas of law:


Criminal Law

§ Criminal offences and misdemeanours.

§ Representation in court and pre-trial procedure.

§ Consultations in criminal law and criminal procedural legislation.

§ Participation in interrogations, etc.


Law of Obligations

§ Consultations in issues of law of obligations, recovery of debt, compulsory enforcement of court judgements.

§ Compilation of statements of claim.

§ Representation in court.

§ Recovery of debt in expedited procedure, etc.


Labour Law

§ Legal relationships between an employee and an employer.

§ Disputes related to payment of remuneration.

§ Issues related to working in the territory of the EU and outside the EU.

§ Representation of a client in Labour Dispute Committee and in court.

§ Compilation and analysis of labour contracts, etc.


Bankruptcy Law

§ Performance of bankruptcy proceedings of a natural and legal person.

§ Release from debts to creditors.

§ Other issues related to bankruptcy proceedings.


IT Law

§ IT criminal offences.

§ E-commerce.

§ Protection of personal data in the Internet.

§ Analysis and compilation of contracts for services rendered via the Internet.

§ Representation of client's interests in negotiations and in court.


Family Law

§ Recovery of alimony.

§ Establishment of procedure of the relations.

§ Rights and obligations of parents.

§ Right of custody.

§ Divorce.

§ Compiling of marital property contracts.


Real Rights

§ Real estate sales, rental, lease, gratuitous contracts.

§ Transactions with movable property.

§ Compiling of contracts.

§ Representation of client's interests in disputes concerning real rights, etc.


Law of Succession

§ Issues related to succession and estate.

§ Acceptance of succession, renunciation of succession, division of estate, etc.


Commercial Law

§ Establishment and liquidation of commercial entities.

§ Issues related to representation of commercial entities.

§ Compiling and analysis of financing and partnership agreements.

§ Consultations in legal issues related to managing an enterprise, etc.


Intellectual Property Law

§ Consultations in issues related to creation, acquisition and use of objects of intellectual property.

§ Compiling of licence agreements, agreements for waiving of rights to objects of intellectual property.

§ Consultations in issues related to protection of commercial secret.

§ Protection of rights of subjects of intellectual property in case of their infringement, unfair competition and marketing, etc.

§ Representation of client's interests in private and state institutions and in court.


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